We know you've got questions so we've tried to help you with as many as we could predict.

What are dimensions of the house?

All of our homes are designed to be as small as possible. Our first range of 3 homes are all under 10m2. They are 3m wide, 4m wide and 5m wide (Lengths as per website plans)

Is there one house size only or different sizes available or can I custom design my own dimensions?

If you want to customise your own design, we charge $2000 for custom design then provide you with a quote once you are 100% happy with the design.

What are the inclusions in the basic building?

If you are building on a concrete sslab then our homes include everything except the slab, paint, electrical wiring (which your electrician supplies) and plumbing piping (which your plumber supplies). To see a full list of our inclusions visit the website.

What additional options am I able to choose or select?

You can add an Eco-Toilet, Kitchen Kit, Shower Enclosure, Solar Kit, Instantaneous hot water kit or even an Air conditioner. These are priced separately online. 

Are there different coloured options or finish alternatives and if so, what are they and for what?

You can choose from the following claddings:

Paint Ready Vertical 150mm wide weathertex cladding (woodsman finish)

Paint Ready Vertical 600mm wide weathertex cladding (smooth finish) 

Paint Ready Vertical 1200mm wide weathertex cladding (smooth finish) 

Sealer Ready 900 x 1800 Fibre Cement Sheet (18mm think with shadow line joining strips) 

All claddings are the same price. 

What is the roof made out of?

The roof is an EPS panel 1m wide and cut to the required length. This is part of the reason our buildings come standard in 1m widths. For custom size dwellings these panels can easily be cut length ways as well.

Does the house building have drains or just water run off?

The roof has a gutter and comes with a downpipe which you should terminate at your main dwellings existing drain. Alternatively some clients use agriculture pipe to distribute the water evenly through their gardens. If you are adding plumbing to your home i.e. kitchen / shower then you will need to take the grey water to your homes existing drain. 

What is the cladding on the outside of the building?

We use two main kinds: 

Weathertex Weathergroove (Paint Ready) and;

Fibre Cement sheeting (Seal or Paint Ready)

What is the cladding on the insides of the building?

We supply 1200 wide Weathertex Weathergroove (Paint Ready) which means there is no need for plastering, sanding, cornice or architraves. Simply putty the screws and paint to your prefered colour. 

What is the cladding if anything for the ceiling?

There is not cladding for the ceiling because the Roof and Ceiling are a single EPS panel which means you have SURFMIST colour smooth satin finish Colorbond on the Ceiling side and modern profile to your colour choice on the roof side. Then sandwich between this is a foam core which is super insulated. 

If I choose a slab option, do I have to arrange my own floor coverings?

Our homes include your choice of loose lay vinyl planks. You simple lay them directly to your slab or floor system. No glue or anything else is required. 

If I choose a flooring system, please explain what the flooring system is made of and how it works and how the building is anchored to the ground. 

The building in anchored to the ground with special footings that don’t require any concrete. these have long ground nails that are hammered into the ground on different angles to stop movement. Then on top of these footings are steel posts which you can cut to your prefered height. On top of this is a bracket which your steel bearers then attach to and the steel joists then run between the bearers. On top of this you then screw the yellow tongue flooring sheets down, ready for your steel house frames to stand on.  

Is the building wired for electricity?

How many light fittings and power points are included within the building, if any?

We supply a single LCD ceiling light (Oyster style), and two wall mounted external up and down lights. Your electrician will supply the wiring and any switches / power points. 

Is the building plumbed for water, and what inclusions are there for taps?

Taps are included within the shower enclosure kit

Taps are included within the kitchen kit

Your plumber supplies the pipes during installation. 

If I have to arrange my own wiring do you have recommendations on an electrician who would be familiar with the house I can use?

We recommend Hire a Hubby as a single point of contact for all your national installation needs. They can arrange a builder, plumber and electrician all in one place and have your home built in as little as 2 days. 

What is the likely cost of an electrician?

The entire cost of building a Tiny Blox (Labour only) should be between $800 - $5000 depending on if you are building an empty shell or getting all of our extras. How much work you do yourself will also change the price. If you are handy you could literally build the entire home yourself (with a friend) and simply pay an electrician and plumber to do the rough in and fit off. Rough break down here:

Labour Estimations (Every area is different this is just a guide):

Floor system build $1000

Slab lay concrete $1800

Build Shell $2000

Electrical $300 - $1000 Depending on extras

Plumbing $300 - $1000 Depending on extras

Kitchen Install $500

Air Conditioner Install $200

As the house arrives as a flatpack, how is it packaged, how many packages are there, and what size is the package or packages?

You will need to allow an area of about 6 x 8m to fit your materials that will be delivered. It will arrive in 4 deliveries 1. Frames & Floor Items, 2. Roof Items, 3. Doors, 4. All Other Items

When I place my order how long will it take for my flat pack kit to arrive?

Delivery will occur within 14 days but it can happen within 7 days depending on the date you order your home. 

How long will the building take to install by a novice, layperson?

We say that a professional can build the home in 2 days but allow double that if it is your first time. It takes 2 people to install a home but we recommend that 3 amatures is best to be safe. 

Do you have anyone you can recommend and install the building on my behalf, who would be familiar with the building?

We recommend Hire a Hubby. The local agent may or may not have built one of our homes however the instructions are very easy to follow. 

If I wish to place the building on a concrete slab do you have someone you can recommend who is familiar with the building who could arrange the concrete slab?

Hire a Hubby can do this for you. 

What is the likely cost of the concrete slab?

Slab lay concrete $1800

Does the building require any local authority consents or approvals?

Every council is different however most allow under 10m2 to be built without approval providing it is within setbacks. You will need to double check your area. If you build your home then find out later that you needed approval you can often get an existing building approved after the fact. 

Does the building have any fire, thermal, wind, earthquake or noise tests to show how it performs?

All of the individual materials we use are global leaders in their field and each provide their own tests and warranties. We are simply and design and supply firm that packages these materials up for sale. You could in fact make a kit like this yourself from individual components but it would take you considerable time and expense to design it and source all the parts from individual suppliers PLUS your buying power would be less than ours. Our homes are very competitively priced such that it is cheaper to buy from us then invest the money and time in designing your own. The hoes come with insulation to walls and the roof EPS panel is also highly insulated. If you are building in a cyclone or earthquake area we can supply our homes to your local specs at a small additional cost. 

What does the price for a building start from and go up to?

$14,900 for a shell without floor system or extras

How do I pay for the building and in what instalments?

When you order a TINY BLOX kit you pay 100% upfront at which time we organise the materials to be manufactured and delivery to occur immediately. For custom designed TINY BLOX you will pay our $2000 design fee upfront and then once you approve the design and final quote you will pay 100% for the manufacture before we deliver. 

What if the kit arrives and has defects or parts missing, will you take responsibility for defects?

When components arrive on site you will sign for each delivery. Providing you have not damaged any parts then you may return them if they were supplied incorrectly. If parts are missing you can report this via our customer service line and we will investigate this for you immediately. 

Does the building come with any warranties?

Each of the materials have their own individual warranties and if you use a local builder to put the home together then they will likely provide their own workmanship warranty. 

If I install the building myself what tools will I need?

Full list of tools include:

Electric Drill 

2 x Large A Frame Ladders


Tape Measure 

Chalk Line 

Putty Scraper

Circular Saw 

Extension Cord

Stanley Knife

Angle Grinder & Steel Blades

If I install the building myself can I do it on my own or do I need help?

You should really have at least 1 person helping you but 2 is even better for beginners. If you are a handy person then you should be able to work through the process. 

Is there a display where I can inspect and walk through a building?

Let our team know where you are calling from and we will let you know if we have a previous client that has built near you. We don’t do displays because we would need thousands of them all over Australia. We don’t publish a list of client’s TINY BLOX for their privacy and safety. 

Where are the flatpack kits manufactured?

Each of the components are manufactured in the individual factories of our supply partners and these factories are located all over Australia. We only deal with major national manufacturers to keep shipping affordable for you. 

If I have to pay for the building upfront, how can I be certain it will be delivered to me and I’ll be happy with it?

We guarantee that the building will be supplied to the specifications you have ordered so if it is not correct just let us know and we will swap them out. In terms of the materials; all of our suppliers offer their own quality guarantees so you will never have to worry about quality. 

Can the building have both hot and cold water?

If you purchase our instantaneous hot water kit system then you can have hot water. If you only want cold water then you won’t need this. 

What happens to the grey water from the building?

Subject to your local council requirements, you could either terminate your plumbing at an existing drain, use agriculture pipe to distribute run off into gardens or plumb into your existing system. Your Hire-a-hubby plumber will help you design 


Does the toilet need to be connected to the sewer?

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The building comes with a glass sliding door, is that glass sliding door lockable and do I get a key with the building?

Sure do! Our doors are super awesome quality too so they look great and feel great, not like some cheaper brands. 

What is the expectancy life of the building once I install it?

The same as as normal home; it’s just a normal house, just TINY. All the parts are from Australian leading suppliers. 

Am I able to insure the replacement cost of the building?

Speak to your insurance company but basically if you can ensure a building or shed then you can insure this because it is just a normal building, nothing special. All of the parts used in the construction are recognised by australian standards. 

Do you provide any ongoing maintenance or repairs? If not, do you have any parties who can do this?

Hire-A-Hubby are our partner that we recommend for all of your installation and maintenance needs. It is unlikely that you’ll be needing maintenance for a long time though given you’ll have a brand new building once complete. 

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