Tiny Blox is revolutionising the tiny house movement with DIY kit style pre-designed tiny home kits shipped directly to your door. 


What is the base/foundation made of?

Tiny Blox offers four bases in general. A Tiny Blox can be built on the following;

Trailer - The size of a the TB to fit on the trailer is 2.5m wide x up to 7 metres long. The cost is $5000 more than the normal price excluding floor system. This is classed as a truly mobile home or temporary dwelling as you can move it away. Clients can either build these like a motorhomes where a garden hose can be plugged in the side and an electrical extension cord can simply plug in. In this instance the home would need it’s own instantaneous hot water system and maybe a motorhome cartridge toilet. Alternatively we can build the homes ready to ‘Connect to services’ in which case you can have a traditional toilet and use the hot water from your main dwelling etc. but this might not be considered ‘temporary’ anymore. Trailer homes are built 100% by us and delivered to you finished OR can be supplied as kit sets. 

Skid - (Portable) Need a tilt back tow truck to move from point A to point B. The size that it can go up to for a tow truck is 6m x 3m (18sqm) however if you want to use a crane and a flatbed truck you can go up to 12m x 3m (36sqm). SKIDS cost the same as a floor system i.e. $200 per sqm. You can increase the width to 3.5m but you will only be able to travel during the day and with signs and lights saying wide load. SKID homes are built 100% by us and delivered to you finished OR can be supplied as kit sets.

Concert Slab - It would need to be poured and then cure for about a week. Cost would be about $160 per square metre. Slabs can be expensive in regional areas because concrete trucks and excavation companies need to travel further and want to be paid for that. It takes a lot longer to build a SLAB and the plumber / electrician are involved early to run services under the concrete. 

Steel Floor System - A steel floor system is by far the fastest and easiest method to use for foundations as they don’t require lots of trades. The footings require no concrete and can be jackhammered into the ground in a couple of hours ready for the floor frames to be placed in position and then the yellow tongue floor boards to be put down. Floor systems cost $200 p/sqm and that includes the cost of the footings. Floor systems are great for sloping sites as little excavation is required. They are also great because the plumber and electrician can come after the frames are up rather than before the slab is laid. Access under the floor is also handy for future additions and changes like running new cords etc. 

"The tiny homes movement is gaining interest not just for its novelty, but for the allure of reduced costs, environmental impact, and a simpler lifestyle."

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