The following price guide has been designed to demonstrate how affordable our homes can be. Give us a call today to start the process RISK FREE. You only pay for your TINY BLOX in full once you are 100% council certified and ready to build.

How much does a Tiny House Cost

Build as a shed/room

If you are building your TINY BLOX as a shed then in many areas you won’t need to get any kind of council approval providing it is less than 10m2 in size providing you build within your local council’s set backs and maximum height allowance. Call us with your address and we will check this for you and also make sure you are not in a flood, fire or cyclone risk area which may trigger approvals being required. If you don’t meet all of the guidelines to be classed as a shed or are in a state that does require approval even for a shed then you will follow the Private Certification Process below which will incur additional costs.

Private Certification Costs / Process (IF REQUIRED)

If you are building habitable space i.e. not a “shed” then you will be required to follow this process. Our admin team research your block of land to provide details on minimum required set backs from side, front and rear boundaries as well as maximum site coverage and allowable maximum and minimum distance from your main dwelling that you will need to adhere to. We will help you with the following items and you will pay them direct to the consultants - We do this in good faith and do not charge a fee to you.

Order Contour Survey (Circa $1000+)

Soil Test (Circa $400+) 

Structural Engineering & Form 15 (Circa $1000+)

Slab Plan if you are building on a slab (Circa $200+)

Building Certification Fees for New Dwelling (Circa $900+)

Energy Assessment Fees if Required in your Council (Circa $250+)

Council Fees (Circa $900+)

Estimated total cost of council certification starts at $4500+

(Prices can vary in different areas)


Bushfire report | Acoustic report | DA approval rarely | Flood report | Cyclone Engineering 

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